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Mia and the Powerful Greek (Harlequin Presents)

Mia and the Powerful Greek (The Balfour Brides, #1) - Michelle Reid I really don't want to give the story away and I think the book synopsis is good enough to give the readers an understanding of what to expect.. The couple is well matched. The lead male character is emotionally scared; you only learn about his past in the last 10-15 pages but the readers know from right off the bat that he is shielding himself with very strong armor. The lead female character didn't have it easy either, but she was loved by her aunt. The little glimpses we get about her life back in Tuscany shows us where she gets her compassion, morality, and integrity from.The book has a moderate amount of angst, but nothing overwhelming. It is also less emotionally charged than a lot of Reid's other books. The chemistry between the couple is undeniable. I did question some of the words that were said in the office workplace but realized they were necessary for the plot.April 23, 2013In my opinion, The only book in the Balfour brides series worth reading.