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Most Passionate Revenge / A Marriage at His Convenience (Ultimate Collection) - Jacqueline Baird Story line from the back cover:The ideal husband -- if only it were for realAmber's multimillionaire Greek boyfriend, Lucas Karadines, informed her that he was getting married -- to someone else....Five years later, Amber has put Lucas behind her -- until she inherits half his company. Lucas, who's now single again, knows the only way to keep control is for him to marry Amber. But how can she consider marrying him at his convenience -- when, five years before, she was worthy only of being his mistress...?I am a big fan of Jacqueline Baird writing style so it is with great regret that I have to give this book a one star. I actually had to stop reading and check 3 times to make sure this book was really written by this author because frankly It did not have any of the elements that separates this author from the rest. It was more what I see in a fan fiction story written by an amateur want to be writer. Two lead characters slave to their libido. The male lead character's actions and words were harsh and unacceptable. The female lead character had no respect for herself. There was no redemption. There was no accountability. There was no emotion. I was to a point that seriously stopped caring. It would have been a wallbanger if I was not trying to find any clue that gave this book a way as one that was penned by Jacqueline Baird.