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Paradise - Judith McNaught 2.5 starsThere were things I really liked about this book and so much I hated that I have no choice but going down the middle in rating it. Overall, it was like an over dramatic soap opera.The first 1/3 of the book, I could do without since they were discussed again later on. I understood why Meredith believed the deception since she was very young and it was not her father but her best friend who showed her the final evidence, but Matthew was much older than Meredith, he was told point blank by her father that he would do anything in his power to destroy this relationship.... He never bothered to ask his own father or his sister to check on Meredith when he was away. It felt like he really did not want to be shackled down to a young socialite and the minute he had the opportunity to get out of it, he did. He knew about Meredith best and only friend but he decided not to contact her when he flew down. But more than anything, it was Matthew's treatment of ALL women in his life except his sister that made me not like him. His arrogance had no limit. Everyone was his to be used. Even when he was pursuing Meredith later on, he was never alone... he continued being with someone else and he even had the other woman to host his party... when Meredith showed up at his party his treatment of the other woman was just atrocious. What I liked about this book were the little things. Meredith's daily life at work, her relationship with her best friend and her boyfriend/fiance. The fact that her character was not put on a shelf to wait for Matthew to have his fun and his life and come back to her life when he want to... she had her own life, her own sexual relationship. Her growth to become a successful business women with a kind heart even though anyone else in her shoe would have been a cold icy bitch after everything she had to go through thanks to two very egotistical selfish men in her life.