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The Only One (Harlequin Presents # 785) - Penny Jordan 1.5 starsThe synopsis is inaccurate and misleading so this is the real story. Don't read it if you are planning on reading the book since it is basically the book summary. Brooke, a stunning, compassionate, intelligent virgin born to one of the elitist families in all England was looking for one man to share her mind and body with, one man who would feel the same way as she did. Adam, an arrogant, selfish, megagazillionare, born to a housekeeper was looking to share his body with as many woman as he could possibly can without ever sharing his mind and getting married to a woman as high in the upper echelons as he could possibly find. He succeeded in his task: Brooke, in my opinion, did not succeed in hers. Adam met Brooke at a party in her old home when she was forced to sell the family estate because she could not afford paying the inheritance tax. Adam's company had bought the 15 century mansion and ground. Upon meeting Adam offers Brooke a million dollar for sleeping with him. Brooke, the owner of a big dog who hates all males decide to teach him a lesson and agrees to allow him in her cottage after the party. Anyway, things do not go as either wanted and Adam finds out that Brooke is not only a virgin but that this beautiful socialite woman actually has some moral. So, what does he do? He hires her as his PA, treats her like the dirt under his shoe while parading other woman in front of her and are you ready for this, yes! Brooke falls madly in love with this diamond of a man because in my opinion she is just plain mad (or the author does not want to make the effort of coming up with a reasonable plot). Anyway, we find out the reason Adam acts like this is because he was rejected after making his first million by the girl who his mother used to do the house keeping for. She would not go out with the help's son. Enters the same girl 10 years later, now divorcee and looking for a bigger fish. Within a night Adam is all over her, going out for weekends, inviting her to stay for the weekend, inviting her parents at the dower house, to his house where is his new home at the estate, wining and dinning her and treating Brooke like a nasty gum under his shoe when the two woman meet for the first time in front of the woman when Brooke on a very cold, stormy, rainy night is looking for her dog. Brooke had to walk all the way back to the gate house, walking miles in that weather condition in late November. The next day Adam insist Brooke to accompany him to London but to stay at his place while in town for business. Why? I think it because he is a cheapskates. Anyway, upon entering his apartment, Brooke passes out. Brooke ends up in semi coma for three weeks during which I started having some hope for Adam's character since he was taking care of Brooke but he did not take her to the hospital when according to the doctor Brooke was in a touch and go situation. Well, Brooke is so overwhelmed by Adam's compassion for her that she offers herself and her virginity to him on a golden platter. Adam refuses. He basically fires her and then sends her to his house in France due to the advise of the doctor that she needs a month in sun and calm to gain her very fragile health back.Adam shows up a month later on Christmas day afternoon out of nowhere after a month of no contact, he has sex with Brooke, and then kindly informs her they are getting married in two weeks in the biggest reception in London and puts a megagizzilion stone ring on her finger. As Adam and Brooke enter the reception, Adam whole body stiffens upon seeing the other woman with a ring even bigger than the one in Brooke's finger. He ignores Brooke during the reception unless he is introducing her to others while making sure everyone knows about Brooke's lineage which higher than most people attending and certainly higher than the other woman. When Brooke goes to the bathroom she gets informed by the other woman that Adam has asked the other woman for her hand in marriage on Christmas Eve and was turned down since the other woman has found someone even richer than Adam and in high society but she has not refused her bed to him, since her husband to be is kind of old. Brooke also learns from Adam's best man that Adam has made a vow of getting married to a woman of higher in the ladder than the other woman. Since Adam is too busy to take Brooke on a honeymoon, they are going back to the dower's home and Brooke confronts Adam and make him leave. He goes to London.Two weeks later, Adam's best man shows up at Brooke's. He tells her how miserable Adam is without her, how he can't live without her... He convinces her to go to London. He drops her off in front of Adam's apartment since there was no parking. Brooke enters the apartment just to find Adam and the other woman both half naked with swollen lips all over one another. She runs back home. Adam shows up later that night saying he was drunk and the other woman was taking advantage of him, that he never proposed to the other woman... He also for the first time says he loves Brooke and of course since this is a HQ book, Brooks believes him.Well, I did not believe a word coming out of Adam's mouth but I certainly believed the other woman. She had no reason to lie. Adam's reaction after entering the reception, his swollen lips... all indicated lies. You don't get swollen lips by pushing someone, you get it with prolonged kissing, he didn't run after Brooke, he showed up hours later. The reason I give this book a 1.5 is because I could not believe what the author wanted me to believe, she couldn't convince me that Adam was telling the truth at the end. I actually reviewed this book on my iPad about a month ago but when I went to submit the app refreshed the page and my very long review was gone. It has been happening a lot lately and it really discourages me from reviewing.