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The Greek's Forced Bride (Harlequin Presents) - Michelle Reid The lead female character, Natasha, was a true doormat for 99% of the story. She allowed her sister, her ex-fiancé, her parents, her husband, his ex- wife, and total strangers to walk all over her. Leo aka the lead male character had a big mouth threatening everyone but he himself was as bad. He threatened Cindy, Natasha's sister by saying if he talks to anyone blah blah blah...Well, Cindy not only talked to every trash media she could get a hold of but she continued to interfere in their lives. What did the powerful Leo do, nada. He threatened his Ex- wife with blah blah blah, well, she not only physically assaulted Natasha but set him up and almost succeeded in destroying his marriage. What did the oh most powerful Greek tycoon do, he said he is done with her but we all know that's all talk again. I mean the man found her in bed with other men, how many times in his marriage before he divorced her, but still ten years later, she was very much part of his life. The only person he was ruthless with was the doormat Natasha but that's because she was a virgin turning into a nymph and her hormones were ruling instead of her brain.