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Spanish Husband (Presents Passion) (Harlequin Presents) - Michelle Reid 2.5 starsI really didn't get to know the male lead character. His character was not developed enough for the readers to get to know him. We have no background information about him from the age of 9 when he went to a foster home until 7 years ago when he was invited to one of the most exclusive resort casinos in Spain. What was he doing for the past 7 years? All we learned about him was that he bought a night club from a friend in NYC and sold it two years later and now he is a billionaire and the head of an international group owning banks, casinos, resorts.... How did a boy in a foster care and no education end up becoming so rich? How was his character shaped in those years? There was a lot of pages spent on describing the landscape surrounding of the castle or the roads, hotels or the villages between destination A to B and I thought there was more sex scenes in this little book than usual. It would have been fine if the book was longer but it wasn't for such a short book. The aunt's manipulations and the pain she caused over the years, a little boy growing up on the streets of NY, the daughter of a gambling addict... so much potential but instead I thought I was cheated because there was such a great premise for an emotional read but it was not taken advantage of.