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A Marriage Betrayed (Harlequin Presents, #2069) - Emma Darcy Far different than what I expected to read, but still satisfying.Twenty-eight years old Kristy has just lost her adoptive parents and has decided to go to Geneva to try to find some information about the earthquack in Turkey where she was found. With no partner and a nursing career on hold she makes a last minute decision to make a stop and spend a night in Paris. She decides to stay where her adoptive parents spent their honeymoon. The doorman, the bellhop, the concierge are all reacting with a shock and terror on their faces. She assumes it is because of the way she is dressed in jeans, the sneakers, the canvas backpack... The hotel is the most luxurious hotel in all Paris after all. The bell hop keeps repeating Un scandale terrible! as he is trying to rush her through the lobby. It isn't until she sees a couple seated behind a low table, a striking brunette, superbly groomed, and wearing a one of a kind black and white Parisian Couture and a very handsome aristocratic elegant male that something tugs at her heart. The couple were celebrating something. They had a bottle of champagne and two crystal flute glasses. Kristy thinks they are honeymooners and she starts feeling sharp pain in her heart. The bellboy is trying very hard to push her toward the elevator, Kristy looks back at the couple with a burst of burning resentment and shooting daggers which was quite out of character for her especially since she has never met these people. This is what happens next."What happened next was inexplicable. Had she somehow shot a blast of negative force across the lobby? The man must have felt something hit him. His head jerked, attention whipping away from his companion and fastening on Kristy with such sharp intensity, her heart contracted. He started to rise from his seat, his face stricken with...what? Surprise... astonishment, shock... guilt... anger? His hand flashed out in aggressive dismissal. It struck the glass nearest to him. Over it went, rolling towards the edge, splashing fluid across the table. He moved instinctively but jerkily to grab it and the whole table tipped. Ice and shards of crystal splattered over the chessboard floor in a spreading foam of spilled champagne. Momentarily and automatically his gaze left Kristy to follow the path of destruction radiating out in front of him. A totally appalled look flitted over his face. Yet his gaze stabbed back at her, dismissing the mess, projecting some savagely personal accusation at her, as though this was all her fault and she knew it as intimately and certainly as he did. It made Kristy feel odd, as though time and place had shifted into a different dimension. Her pulse went haywire, pumping her heart so hard her temples throbbed. Vaguely she saw the woman leap up and clutch the man's arm, commanding his attention. Then a hand touched her own arm, jolting her out of the strange thrall that had held her. It was the clerk from the reception desk. "Your room, Madame," he pressed anxiously. "The bellboy has the elevator waiting for you."I am not going to give the story away. The story is suspenseful, has a good amount of mystery for a romance novel, it is highly emotional and you probably want to kill few book characters by the time you are finished. The book was a tearjerker for me.The reasons I give the book a 4 star is I did skip the sex scenes, I couldn't bring myself to read them. I also felt the antagonist/s walked out scott-free.