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Breaking Point (Harlequin Presents, #1433) - Emma Darcy Breaking point broke my heart. Rafe is really married to two women. One he shares his bed with, the other he shares everything else in his life with, including intimate details about his marriage to Tanya. After two years Tanya finally calls him up on his behavior and issues an ultimatum to Rafe between her and Niki, Rafe's PA. I really liked Tanya a lot. She was a smart woman who had to figure out for herself where she was willing to stand and what she was willing to accept in a relationship.The reason I give this book a 4 stars is because the reasoning behind the resolution made absolutely no sense. She just decides to go back out of nowhere.I also had some problem with the so called rape scene. I'm actually not sure if you could call it one considering the circumstances. During the act, Tanya liked Rafe's being out of control, she enjoyed having that power, she didn't say "no" to him and was receptive, but later she accuses him of rape. I highly enjoyed the secondary characters, the grandmother, harry and even Niki.