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The Unfaithful Wife - Lynne Graham I give the book a 1 star. The male lead a 5 star for being the biggest douche and the female lead a 5 star for being a doormat. Here is why,I did fall in love with you the first time I saw you...you did not mistake my feelings. It was like being hit by lightning and when I got over the shock all I wanted to do was run—' Arrested by what he was telling her, Leah tried and failed to swallow. 'But—?' 'But you might as well have tied my ankles together.' he muttered with raw self-derision, his mouth taking on a sardonic curve, I couldn't stay away. You were too young. I wasn't ready for marriage. But if I was not I knew that some other man might be...that if I walked away there was very little chance that you would be around when I chose to come back.'.....levelly. 'I did. But I didn't know how to handle it and I'm afraid I resented the hold you had on me. Then Max changed everything. He made my mind up for me. Suddenly I had no choice...'...'Nobody had ever made me do anything I didn't want to do before. I couldn't believe that I could be that powerless,' he admitted harshly. 'I felt like some kind of stud stallion your father was buying for you!. Trapped by a teenager. I was in a rage for months on end after it. And I swore to myself that you would get nothing that I did not choose to give out of our marriage!'...'We had been married for a couple of years before I began to want you again.' Nik held her startled scrutiny with fierce determination. 'No, I didn't show it. I would have cut off my hands sooner than come near you!' he admitted. 'My pride revolted against the concept of surrendering further to Max's blackmail. You were the one woman in the world I wouldn't touch.'... 'I didn't consider you. It was a fight between me and Max and you were the pawn in the middle. I didn't have to consider you. In the back of my mind you were there, in my house, my wife, I couldn't touch you but nobody else could either. And I could just about live with that.' 'I was on ice,' she said, with a jagged laugh. 'But by the time Max died I had already decided that you would stay as my wife and then, when the choosing was mine, it would become a real marriage.And That is exactly what happened. He treated her like a leper for five years. He had his fun with as many bimbos he could fit in his life, his pictures with the new bimbo of the moment were regularly featured in various magazines while the good, young , virginal wife was forgotten and living in a glass cage, only allowed to go out with bodyguards. The male lead was a rat and there was nothing he could do to redeem him but the female lead took him back because she was in love.