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Her Best Worst Mistake - Sarah Mayberry There is a thin line between hate and love or it was in this book. What sets this book apart from other hates/loves stories is that the reader can really feel they are perfect for each other, long before either character realizes. Violet and Martin dislike each other a lot. She disapproves of his stick up the ass attitude, his perfect manner, the elbow patches on his jackets, his boring sexual preferences. She calls him "Droopy Drawers." Martin dislikes her loud laughs, her disregard for the high society she was born in to, her party attitude, her tendency to not wear a bra. He considers her a spoilt brat. What they have in common is Elizabeth, Martin fiance of and Violet's childhood best friend. They tolerate each other for six years until Elizabeth breaks off the engagement and runs away to Australia in search of her real father.I knew Violet is not going to be a washed up, ordinary lead character right after seeing the name of her boutique "Violet Femmes." She did not disappoint me. I don't know which was my favorite scene, leaving the bottle of peach schnapps in the middle of the elevator floor or the dinner party scene. The only reason this book gets a four instead of a five star is because even though I understood violet's dilemma I still think she waited too long to tell Elizabeth the truth about her relationship with Martin and it became very frustrating after the third time she decided to wait once again.