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The Unwanted Wife - Natasha Anders 2.5 starsThere was a big contradiction in the story and I had a real problem with it. The hero blatantly lies about something very important and therefore I can't trust any of his words or actions. When Sandro explains about his relationship with Francesca he says: “I never touched her. I want you to know that. Not in any sexual way. I never wanted to. My mother and sisters kept arranging these little get-togethers with her family and ours; they tried to push us together more often than not. I very rarely sought out her company. I saw her at parties and family gatherings but never felt the need to contact her at any other time."That statement is a huge lie. This is what we read in chapter 5: "She headed toward his study and as she approached the slightly ajar door, she realised that he was speaking to someone in a low voice. Not wanting to intrude on his telephone call, her steps slowed slightly her steps slowed slightly and she turned around to head toward the kitchen for a small snack. She was just about to walk away when she heard him groan huskily, before saying, “Francesca...” in the most agonised voice she had ever heard from him. The single word was filled with so much yearning and pain that it froze Theresa in her tracks. Sandro was still talking in that low voice, his words, which were in Italian, sounding more urgent now. Theresa took a step back towards the study and the open door and his voice became slightly clearer, even though he was murmuring intimately. “Francesca, cara...” were two of the incriminating words she could understand amidst the torrent of Italian...He kept using endearments though; those she knew very well because he’d frequently resorted to them while having sex with her.....She hovered outside her husband’s study door, much like she had been hovering on the outskirts of his life for nearly two years, before turning away and heading back upstairs. She had showered, changed for bed and had long since turned off her bedroom lights when she finally heard his heavy tread on the staircase."So when Sandro who says: “And then when you told me you were pregnant,” he knelt on the bed and stared down into their sleeping baby’s face, before raising his eyes to hers. “Suddenly it felt like there was a ticking time bomb in the house. I didn’t have all the time in the world to make you love me again; I had only a few short months."Sandros was talking to Francesca in Chapter 5 weeks after he found out his wife was pregnant. The phone call took place the night before her amniocentesis and the next morning he informed his wife he was going to Italy and therefore he would not be there with her during the appointment. By the way he did go to Italy right after Theresa was released from the hospital; A stay in the hospital caused by emotional stress when she confronted him about his feelings for Francesca. Theresa saw new pictures of Sandros laughing, hugging, dancing and kissing Francesca on her lips on glossy magazines while he stayed in Italy. The man was nothing but a liar. I would call him on his lies and give him his walking papers.