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Never a Gentleman - Eileen Dreyer This book doesn't belong in a romance category. I read 56% of the book and I finally had it. To begin with, I felt like I was re-reading The Arranged Marriage by Jo Beverly published in 1991. Both books are absolutely terrible. I reached the last straw after reading this sentence “All those things I saw you do to your mistress last night?” she said, trembling with the enormity of her audacity. “I want you to do them to me.” It wasn't bad enough reading in 14 chapters how he humiliated her during their marriage but even after she saw her husband making love to his mistress and hearing said husband calling his wife a cripple and telling his mistress “I married her. I’ll be damned if I have to fuck her,” she wants this poor excuse for a man to touch her? Give me a freaking break. I would geld him instead. I will never read another book by this author.