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Something About You - Julie James Assistant US Attorney Cameron Lynde is being kept awake by the wallbangers in the next door (in a five stars hotel, mind you) for few hours. When the noises start once again, she reports them to the hotel staff. Just before the hotel security arrival, she watches a man leave the room. She finds herself a witness to a murder investigation. What she didn't expect was for FBI agent Jack Pallas to lead the investigation. Three years prior, Cameron worked closely with Jack on a Chicago crime family investigation that went south. His career was in the toilet, and he blamed her for screwing him over and his relocation to Nebraska. Now he's back in town and his primary eyewitness is the one woman he can hardly stand. I found myself sympathetic toward both main characters. They had incredible chemistry and it was nice to see them remember what they liked about each other as they worked together to solve the case.