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Just the Sexiest Man Alive - Julie James A romantic comedy with an intelligent, sassy, workaholic heroine with severe trust and infidelity issues. Who can blame her, after she walked on her fiancé of 5 years having sex in his office with an assistant only a few months prior?Jason Andrews is a 38 year old spoiled Hollywood brat playboy who treats women in his life like dirty tissues and lives to party and to have a good time. At the same time, he really cares about the quality of his craft.Taylor is forced by the head partner to take a day off from her busy schedule and help Jason to prepare for his upcoming role as a real life lawyer. Jason doesn't show up and his PA makes demands for Taylor to make herself available the following day, when Jason blows off the meeting once again. To make the matter worse, Taylor watches him on National TV and finds out Jason has spent a 4 day vacation in Las Vegas while she was waiting. Jason is everything Taylor dislikes in a man and Taylor is nothing like the people Jason is used to having around.