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Vamps and the City - Kerrelyn Sparks Four years prior to the start of this book Darcy Newhart, a field reporter, found herself at the wrong place at the wrong time. She was nonconsensually turned and added to Roman Draganesti harem. Ever since Roman found himself engaged, the ladies were kicked out of the five story townhouse and placed in Gregory's two bedroom apartment. Darcy needs a job and Greg needs the harem out of his hair. Darcy pitches the idea of a vampire reality show, The sexiest man on earth, on the Digital Vampire Network, starring five of the harem ladies as judges and 15 male contestants. In order to shock the audience and the network executive, Darcy hires 5 human contestants. Unbeknownst to Darcy is that two of the contestants are agents of the stake-out-program, a covert CIA order to kill all vampires.Just like the last book in the series, How to Marry a Millionaire vampire, the first half of the book was ridiculous and hilarious, but someone must have turned off the light on the second part. I had a hard time dragging myself through it.Will I read the rest of the books? Yes; only because I already have them. I'm just hoping they get better.