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Some Girls Bite - Chloe Neill This is the first book in the Chicagoland Vampires series. Merit, a post-grad student, was attacked by a vampire while on campus and turned without her consent by Ethan, the master vampire of Cadogan House, the fourth oldest vampire house in United States. Vampires have recently made their existence public. Merit has to deal with this new life that she didn’t want (and its rituals and laws), while fighting to hold onto her old life. At the same time, she attempts to discover why two girls who look like her have been killed. I feel like that in some parts of the book, the language was a little too immature for me. Up to the point where Merit walked on Ethan servicing Amber his consort, I believed the book was written for teens. Sometimes the book just tried to blend some major emotional issues with a language that didn’t add up.One of the other problems I had with this book was Merit's attraction to Ethan. Quite honestly, if I hadn't already purchased the next three books in the series I would have given up reading the rest of the book after reading about Ethan telepathically talking to Merit as he keeps on pounding into Amber -- Merit spending the whole time fighting her arousal. Please!Even though Ethan was physically attracted to Merit, at every turn, he would put her down and treat her atrociously. According to Merit, she couldn't even hate him for his words and actions. Sorry, but I expected a bit more from a PhD student than to being slave to her hormones like a 14 year old teenger.I actually enjoyed when Amber told Ethan that he was tacky and cliche; when he found out that Amber has been servicing not only him but other vampires in Scott's house. It was poetic justice. I liked Morgan more than Ethan.