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Friday Night Bites - Chloe Neill The second book in the series.Merit is still trying to adjust to her non-consensual turning while trying to adjust and hold on to her humanity and old life. She keeps her word and takes her position as Sentinel of the House seriously. She even moves in to the Cadogan House after seeing Catcher's bare behind one too many times. When she hears her ex-boyfriend Nick Breckenridges's brother Jamie is going to leak a story about raves, she decides to do whatever it takes to defend her house; even if it means making nice with her family and attending socialite functions with Ethan. Merit continues to see Morgan, even after satisfying the one date deal they made at the end of Some Girls Bite. He is doing all the right things, but the nice guy finishes last and gets dumped. Merit also has to deal with her best friend, roommate, and new witch, Malory. Malory is struggling to adjust to her new life, powers, and her blossoming relationship with Catcher. I really felt this book was written for young adults especially since clothes and hotties description was about 1/3 of the book. In addition to the language immaturity another thing I find really annoying is the repetition of character description. I think after the second time we all got it: Malory has blue hair, Ethan is 6 feet tall and has green eyes, Malik has mocha skin, Lindsey has blond hair and is from NY... these descriptions don't need to be put in every time we see the character.I'm probably in the minority here but Darth Sullivan still annoyed the hell out of me in this book; the interest between Merit and Ethan is incredibly force. They don't even like each other. He is also responsible for the growing rift between Merit and Malory.