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The Wicked One - Danelle Harmon 3.5 stars.The book starts where The Defiant One left off - with Eva sitting on Lucien de Montforte, Duke of Blackheath's (the wicked one) bed, pistol in hand. She retrieved the real aphrodisiac potion from Lucien's safe and securely tucked it in her valise, while displaying the fake potion on the bedside table. She orders him to test the aphrodisiac on himself; he smiles, closes the door, and starts getting undressed. Eva, who distrusts and dislikes all men due to her experiences with her serial cheating father and late husband, stops the foreplay and bests Lucien by escaping back to Paris right after she blasts the fake potion. By doing this, she allows Lucien to believe that the real aphrodisiac has been destroyed. In the meantime, the forever manipulating, scheming Duke has made his sister Narrissa and her relationship with Perry, the Earl of Brookhampton, his latest project. He comes up with a scheme that involves sending Perry off to Spain, believing the distance will make Perry's heart grow fonder. Unfortunately, the ship Perry took a passage on was the attacked and sunk by an American privateer off the port of Calais and the unconscious Perry became a prisoner in France.Lucien travels to Paris to find information about Perry, seeking Eva's help. Because she has French connections and is an American, she can confirm Perry's fate. He also wants to finish what they started in his bedchamber. He gets Eva to agree with helping him, but Eva has her own agenda. She wants to test the potion, but in this new cat and mouse game Lucien bests Eva.The Wicked One is full of adventure. Eva and Lucien both are very human and carry a lot of emotional baggage, insecurities and control issues that they have to overcome. Eva is a perfect match for Lucien: she really gives back as good as she gets.Just like the previous books in the series, there are events and social trappings that are out of character for the setting (Georgian time) and the author once again takes liberties in using occasional modern words in a historical era romance novel.