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The Beloved One - Danelle Harmon 3.5 starsI was eagerly anticipating this story after reading the cliffhanger in its prequel "The Wild One."At the Battle of Concord, Lord Charles de Monforte (The Beloved One) was about to kill a minuteman when he realized his target was a mere boy. He jerked his pistol away, which caused him to lose his balance and crack his head against a bolder. Will Leighton, the young minuteman, exchanged Charles' clothing with a fellow minuteman's and took him back to his home in Newburyport. There, the doctor trepaned his skull. Charles regained consciousness just to discover that not only was he blind, but among the enemy. Amy, Will's half sister, allowed him to have independence - and when Charles received three rejection letters from his commander, his brother the Duke and Juliet, his pregnant fiancee, it was Amy who wouldn't let him give up. Amy, who was being treated worse than a slave by her father, two half sisters, and almost everyone in the village. Ms. Harmon gives her characters distinctly different personalities. This book reminded me a lot of a Cinderella story, with the evil step sisters, fairy god Duke, etc. Danelle Harmon provides great insight into what life was like for mixed Native Americans in the colonies. My only big complaint was Charles' complete lack of feeling for his first born, Charlotte.