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The Wild One - Danelle Harmon The book starts when Lord Gareth de Montforte, the wild one, finds himself saving his elder brother Charles' fiancee and infant daughter from three highway men and getting shot. Lord Charles had been killed after Concord. Juliet, the daughter of a shopkeeper back in colonial Boston, having given birth to his daughter out of wedlock, came to England to seek help from Lucien, Charles' older brother and the impressive, domineering Duke of Blackheath: she did this on the promise she gave Charles. Lucien, however, has plans that involves both Gareth and Juliet. The book ends with a big cliffhanger; a letter from Charles informing his family after two years that he was alive and on his way home.Even though I found Gareth quite immature and really annoying at times, I couldn't help liking him. I understand why Juliet fell in love with him. Everyone has met someone like Gareth, with his happy-go-lucky band of debauchery. They are irresponsible, unpredictable daredevils who live life the fullest. They don't take themselves seriously, so why should they care if anyone else doesn't? They don't let anything bother them. They live life in the moment as there is no tomorrow. It's no wonder that Juliet, who has forgotten how to laugh or smile, finds herself hopelessly charmed.