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Jackson Rule - Dinah McCall, Sharon Sala Brilliant! A true rare find. I'm not a contemporary romance reader, so I was really venturing out. I found Jackson to be an unequivocally remarkable character. He has spent the better half of his life in a Louisiana State Prison for killing his abusive father. He was committed and put in the penitentiary general population after confessing the "unspeakable act" when he was only 15. Now 31 Jackson is released into society with one goal in mind. To try and build a life for him and his traumatized sister who has been a ward in a psychiatric hospital ever since.Jackson Rule, answers a want ad for a landscaping and greenhouse business. Despite the knowledge that Jackson has killed his own father, Rebecca is still determined to hire him despite her own misgivings and the warnings of her preacher father. Rebecca was a great character because she never lost faith in him and worked hard to help him overcome his own insecurities.He impacted me in a way few hero have. He is a self-sacrificing hero to die for.