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Slightly Scandalous - Mary Balogh My favorite in the series. This was exactly what I wanted and expected for Freyja! She is the most entertaining, unique "leading lady" that I have read about in a regency romance novel. She is not a great beauty and she is haughty, feisty, spoiled, proud and so very complex. She needed a hero like mischievous, handsome Joshua with his twinkling eyes; a man who would laugh at her antics, forcing her to laugh at herself. I believe I fell for both characters when their first meeting occurred, when Joshua Moore, Marquess of Hallmere, fled from an angry grandfather with entrapment on his mind. He barged into Freyja's room in an inn when she was sleeping and hid in her wardrobe. He stole a kiss from an angry Freyja and she punched him in the nose and made him jump out of the window while she was screaming about a mouse.To me, their "Pump Room" banter is what makes this book so delicious and unforgettable.