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The Bachelor List - Jane Feather I truly loved this book. Constance is a strong-minded feminist, and Max is pretty realistic for a traditional Parliamentarian of his era: the early 1900s. The three sisters are suffragists, and after the passing of their mother are keeping their family finances in order by publishing Mayfair Lady anonymously. The Mayfair Lady is a newsletter originally published and offered for free by their mother about the suffragist movement. The sisters have included an advise column and society gossip to increase readership. They also added a match-making spin off enterprise to compliment their income. Constance is the voice and the pen behind the political agenda of the newspaper, and is using Max to find out how the governing body will rule on certain votes. Max is using his relationship with Constance to find out more about the troublesome Suffrage Movement and learn what they are up to next.