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Angels' Flight (Angels' Pawn #0.5, Angels' Judgment #1.5, Angel's Wolf #4.5, Angels' Dance #4.75)
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The Balfour Legacy - Michelle Reid This is a series about a bunch of heiress' spoiled bratty party girl/sisters, all except Mia. Their father, whom by his actions has shown he has no scruples about honor and fidelity, is set to teach his 8 daughters by 4 different women a lesson and get them all married to gazillionaires like himself. Why you might ask? Because there has been two scandal in his family within few months. One of his bastard children showing up at his door while his third wife was dying from cancer and everyone finding out one of his daughters is not really his. This would be a great book for those enjoying gossip rags since majority of the writing is of that standard. This is my breakdown of the series.Mia And The Powerful Greek by Michelle Reid (The Balfour Brides #1) 4 starsKat And The Dare-Devil Spaniard by Sharon Kendrick (The Balfour Brides #2) 2 starsEmily's Innocence by India Grey (The Balfour Brides #3) 2 starsSophie and the Scorching Sicilian by Kim Lawrence(The Balfour Brides #4) 2 starsZoe's Lesson by Kate Hewitt(The Balfour Brides #5) 2 starsAnnie's Secret by Carole Mortimer (The Balfour Brides #6) 2 starsBella's Disgrace by Sarah Morgan (The Balfour Brides #7)0 starsOlivia's Awakening by Margaret Way (The Balfour Brides #8) 2 stars