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The Fifth Day of Christmas - Betty Neels This book is a bit different than the majority of other Betty Neels' books. I felt the lead female character was a Virgo. While she was self sacrificing and understanding with the most horrible patients, she cared nothing about her own family. Her sister in law had debilitating depression and that is the main reason she left the hospital... her brother has asked for her help with his wife and brand new child. Yet, she would rather to be harassed and emotionally abused by a selfish stranger ... cry her eyes out every night than to lend a helping hand to her own family. I really didn't care for the way she talked about them. I could actually hear katy perry hot and cold in my mind while reading about her. She went from taking the OW belittling remarks and harassment for a month to exploding and calling her a harpy and a fraud to sitting down calmly to share her tea with her. As for the lead male character, I disliked him quite a bit. and so far he is the first one for me with this author. He was supposedly a physician who seemed to be very familiar with polio which was an epidemic in 1950's in certain area of Europe...and what the OW contracted while in Holland. Yet, he was played thoroughly by someone who enjoyed reading books by renaissance philosophers with no medical knowledge or background. Within an hour meeting the OW, his cousin who also happen to be a physician told Julia that he suspected the OW has been walking for a while. He, on the other hand had no clue and didn't want to listen to anyone daring to say something bad about the OW... He only learned about the deception because he overheard the OW admitting it. When the OW was at the hospital, he basically ran away to Scotland and left his poor father and sister to deal with his "assumed girlfriend/fiance" nasty piece of art work. The OW stayed there in bed for 6 months and treating everyone like crap before he decided to come back with a nurse for her. His attitude toward Julia at times were disgusting. I really enjoyed the portrayal of the OW; I just think Ms. Neels was having so much fun writing this character that she didn't take enough time to make sure her other character didn't represent themselves as stupid and overly ignorant.