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Lost in Love (Harlequin Presents, #1665) - Michelle Reid I just couldn't warm up to the male lead character. He was encouraging other women to believe he would have an affair with them. He continued flaunting different women in front of his wife. When his wife left a party after slapping a guy because she was propositioned to have sex outside her marriage by her husband's "friend," he didn't stop being friends with him.. He was angry at her because she embarrassed him in front of his friends. This all happened when he left his wife right after they got to the party so he could hang out with his ex-lover. He stopped coming home, he told his wife he was going to get a mistress. Then when the wife finds out she is pregnant and rushes to tell him the good news, she finds him naked in bed with his ex-lover. For four years, he blamed her brother for ruining his marriage just because he told her which party her husband was at. Speechless! She ran away, lost the baby, came back after 6 months and demanded a divorce. The only reason he agreed to the divorce was because she threatened to file divorce due to infidelity and to airing his dirty laundry all over the media. After four years of going through new women like dirty socks, he finally is able to blackmail her to get married again. Not once he promised fidelity, but he was quick to inform her she can no longer work and is going to be moving to the country and living in a gilded cage, while he would continue traveling and he would spend the weekend there. What a charming man! Not! Even though he was set up to be found in bed naked with his ex-lover, I blamed it on him. He encouraged his ex-lover enough and even though he knew well enough what his "friends" were about, he continued his relationship with them. He even nagged about she didn't approve of his friends 4 years later which made me believe, he was still hanging out with the same circle of friends. What I saw in this story was a lot of demands by the lead male character to have a traditional wife. A wife isolated and have to even ask permission to call her own brother. I didn't see any action or read any promises from him saying he would change...actually his actions showed him to have changed into a bigger brute in future.I did love this one sentence. " Because this woman has more respect than sleeping with an aging old stallion who sees his main function in life as putting himself out for stud."